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An EXE fileis the standard file extension used by Windows programs, so it is considered one of the most recognizable file extensions. In addition to executable code, EXE files can also contain various other data, such as program icons.


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Top 25 Most Popular EXE Files

1. bitshare downloader.exe Rapiddownloaders Bitshare Downloader
2. bk5win.exe BankLink Limited BankLink for Windows®
3. boat - logical thinking .exe Macromedia Inc. Flash 5.0
4. boot_bin_downloader.exe Windows Software Developer Third-Party Application 1.0
5. TVremote.exe inc. WinCE Tools 2003 Professional Edition 2003
6. c2cmonitor.exe Windows Software Developer Third-Party Application 1.0
7. casio fa-124.exe Casio Computer Co., Ltd. CASIO FA-124
8. EZLogo.exe Super Package Super Package Antivirus Device Drivers PCD-2IN1-OM-26
9. 94.StarryNight.exe Simulation Curriculum Corp. Starry Night High School 7 2015
10. RG97CRK.EXE Dark Bay Ltd. Game Cracker 1999-2000
11. llvm-rtdyld.exe Epic Games, Inc. UE_4.16 4.16.3
12. cssdivgen.exe Windows Software Developer Third-Party Application 1.0
13. cyrnstd_svc.exe NexantiS Corporation SecureScout® NX 2.6.2877.507
14. date_to_clipboard.exe Windows Software Developer Third-Party Application 1.0
15. F16873_pcpds.exe Dantz Development Corporation Retro Backup 2001
16. tstcon16.exe Microsoft MSDN 2435.2 April 2004
17. WINDOWSSERVER2003-KB978037-X86-JPN.EXE Microsoft February 2010 Security Release ISO Image One February 2010
18. ie8-windowsserver2003-kb3049563-x86-cht.exe Microsoft Microsoft Monthly Security Update May 2015
19. 187602morae_manager_full.exe TechSmith Corporation Morae Manager 3
20. perc-cerc-nt421-a02.exe Red Hat Software Inc. redhat Advanced Server 2002
21. Ttfdemo.exe Unknown XFX A Division of Pine 53.03
22. trsrun-1_0.exe Trinityhome Trinity Rescue Kit 3.4
23. evacopy.exe Windows Software Developer Third-Party Application
24. QFWTest.exe Parametric Technology Copropration PTC 2008
25. NewCM200.exe Embarcadero Technologies Embarcadero Technologies Database Solutions 2002

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